Monday, March 26, 2012

{L} Hospital Newborn Photography.

We were all waiting for the arrival of this sweet baby boy!
If you don't believe me , ask the mommy...she def was ready :)
This little man has stolen our hearts, my husband and I are fans for sure.
When I read she had the baby.. I teared up. Im usually not that sentimental..okay yes I am...
I just got really happy to finally meet him!
Here he is Mr. {L}:

Doesnt she look great! This is after she delivered him. Beautiful Lady!

He wasnt being tortured I promise. He was just cold.

You will be seeing more of this little one. He is a good looking little guy!


Flor Olivo said...

AWW these are adorable!! <3

Shahny said...

Ahhhh my lil bebeshito! Thanks so much for taking these pics Gisselle. I will treasure them forever! And yes I was VERY ready to pop him out lol